Willow Bend Zen | Guided Sleep Hypnosis

Day 1: Foundations of Breath | 21 Days to Enlightenment

September 07, 2023 Ariadne Mayz
Willow Bend Zen | Guided Sleep Hypnosis
Day 1: Foundations of Breath | 21 Days to Enlightenment
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This is the first day of our transformative 21-day guided meditation series where we will begin with the foundations of breath. This series is designed for anyone who wants to deepen their meditative practice and experience enlightenment. Be they newcomers or seasoned practitioners. All can benefit from this series.

Today, we embark on a journey that begins with the very essence of life itself: our breath. Breathing is a miraculous rhythm we often take for granted, yet it is the silent anchor grounding us in every moment.

In this session, we will dive deep into understanding the significance of our breath and its power to shape our experiences. The breath is both a barometer for our emotions and a tool to harmonize the body and mind. By cultivating an awareness of our breathing patterns and learning to harness them, we can navigate life with increased clarity, calmness, and intention.

Each session will focus on an affirmation. You can speak it aloud or simply hold it in your heart. It will come in handy when your mind wanders.

Affirmation: "With each breath, I ground myself in the present."

So now, if you're ready, let's begin

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